Low Noise Multiplied Signal Sources XMN & XMNP Series

Pascall's XMN and XMNP series provide a range of high-performance building blocks between 200MHz and 3GHz.

The XMN integrates a Pascall OCXOF with a low-noise frequency multiplier to give an output with exceptionally low phase noise floor – typically equivalent to -183dBc/Hz at the oscillator's frequency. For example, the phase noise floor of a 1.2GHz output derived from 120MHz is typically -163dBc/Hz.   In addition to the multiplied frequency, an output is provided at the oscillator's frequency.

The XMNP adds a phase-locked loop, to enable the module to be locked to an external reference. The reference frequency can be specified by the customer and the PLL will operate over a wide range of input levels, making the unit very easy to use.


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Low Noise Multiplied Signal Sources XMN & XMNP Series

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