Power Products

•    AC to DC, DC to DC, AC to AC & DC to AC power conversion.
•    Power levels from 1W to 5KW.
•    Custom multi output designs.
•    Battery/Capacitor back up power solutions.
•    Power factor correction & harmonic current compliance.
•    EMI compliance to common military, avionics and industrial standards.
•    Extreme environment designs.
•    Extensive use of simulation tools during design phase.
•    In-house vibration and shock testing capability, sine, random etc.
•    Full product qualification testing offered.
•    Project planning and monitoring and reporting using industry standard software.
•    MTBF calculations & FMEA reports provided.
•    Finite Element Analysis for thermal and vibration evaluation.
•    Compliance with industry standards for design process.
•    HALT used to ruggedize designs and increase reliability.

Software Tools
•    Electronic Simulation: Simetrix/Simplis.
•    Thermal Simulation: Solidworks Flow Simulation (CFD).
•    Vibration Analysis: Solidworks Simulation Professional (FEA).
•    Reliability: RELEX Architect.
•    Project Management: Microsoft Project.

Pascall’s Power Product Engineering Team has wide ranging experience of power conversion with particular expertise in multi-output AC to DC and DC to DC conversion for harsh environments and high reliability applications including Military, Civil Avionics, Sub-Sea [Oil & Gas] and Industrial uses.

AC to DC, DC to DC, AC to AC & DC to AC converters can be designed with the capability of multiple input and/or battery/capacitive back up to enable continuous operation through short/mid term power dropouts.  Power conversion can be combined with active control and monitoring through either discrete signals or via a communications bus employing common protocols.

Re-use of existing proven circuit building blocks is encouraged whilst new techniques are also evaluated to further our knowledge and capabilities in light of ever increasing technical demands.

Widespread use of simulation tools enables optimisation of the electrical design prior to commitment of any hardware.  Additionally, Finite Element Analysis tools are used to ensure that the designs satisfy both thermal and mechanical requirements.  Early use of these tools reduces risk of non-compliance's being discovered at later stages of the design where they are much more difficult and costly to resolve.

Our extensive laboratory is used for development and debugging of designs.  This includes electrical performance testing, thermal testing, EMI testing and vibration testing.

Within the engineering function we have a dedicated Product Support Group [PSG] providing services to the design team and manufacturing, including design and build of custom test equipment, test specification and report writing, design verification and qualification testing.

Regular design reviews are undertaken in accordance with industry standards and these are used to gate the progress of the development.  Customer involvement is encouraged in these design reviews whether that be on site at Pascall or the customer’s premises.  Regular conference/video calls on technical and commercial matters are held throughout the development cycle which aids communication and overall project management and ensures that developments are brought in on time, on budget and to specification.

In accordance with the industries that we service we maintain full configuration and change control of our designs.  Additionally we have an active obsolescence management process whereby pending obsolete components are identified and a formal plan of action put in place.  This could result in a simple last time buy solution, sourcing of an alternative component through to a partial redesign of the product.  Due consideration is given to any re-certification activities required.

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