OCXO series & OCXOF series

OCXO series & OCXOF series 

The OCXO (oven controlled crystal oscillator) series is designed to meet the increasing demand for high performance reference oscillators. OCXO, Oven-controlled SC-cut crystals are used to give good temperature stability combined with the lowest possible phase noise to provide our ultra low noise crystal oscillator range.

The newest OCXO F Series of Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators from Pascall offer the same very low close-in phase noise combined with even lower noise floor and higher output power.

The above graph represents Phase Noise performance of a 120MHz OCXO F unit

Typical performance
For an OCXO the best selected crystals have been found to yield well under -140dBc/Hz at 100Hz offset from 100MHz. However it is important not to over-specify when designing an OCXO into a system, as this will have a major impact on cost. As stated above, crystals' phase noise varies widely even within a single batch, so careful screening is necessary to meet the most stringent specifications. Also, reliable measurement of low phase noise is very time consuming.
The Pascall OCXO output power is 13dBm ±2dB into 50Ω.
Harmonics are <-30dBc.
The total frequency drift from -30 to +70°C is typically ~1E10-7
Warm-up power is typically 5W and the steady-state power at 5°C is ~2.5W.
There is always a trade-off between operating temperature range and power consumption. Specifying a higher maximum temperature will increase the consumption at all temperatures, as the oven must be held a few degrees above the highest working ambient temperature. Reducing the minimum operating temperature will increase the warm-up current, as the heater must be able to maintain a larger differential between oven and ambient temperature.
Anti Vibration Variant
Pascall is now well into development of their vibration-isolated variant.
This unit utilises low-g-sensitivity crystals and elastomer AV mounts to reduce the influence of shock and vibration on phase noise. This new unit will be admirably suited to fast jet and helicopter vibration and environmental requirements.


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OCXO series & OCXOF series

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